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Twin Flame Reiki Attunement!
  • Twin Flame Reiki Attunement!
  • Twin Flame Reiki Attunement!
  • Twin Flame Reiki Attunement!
  • Twin Flame Reiki Attunement!
  • Twin Flame Reiki Attunement!
  • Twin Flame Reiki Attunement!

Twin Flame Reiki Attunement!

BONUS: Divine Love Template Reiki Transmission

Plus free workshop on-line on demand!

Twin Flames are a sacred union chosen by God!

Therefore both Twins must come into connection to source and strengthen from their.

This program offers - an attunement to strengthen your Twin Flame connection in the Sacred Heart Womb this creates the lemniscate. Once your attunement is received activation stars immediately and integrates for approximately 3 weeks following your empowerment.

This Twin Flame Empowerment offers a Bonus New Divine Love Template of Christ Consciousness and Unconditional Love reiki transmission! This is brought as a template of light into your heart and works on both Twins simultaneously! This opens, clears and heals the heart allowing it to fill with unconditional love. As Twins you have the largest capacity to hold this vibration. The time has come to clear and allow it in at its full capacity as this is part of your mission as a twin Flame. Twin Flame Reiki can assist in this process.

1 x 2 Hr Session Empowerment
1 x 1 Hr  Workshop Self Paced on line

Once the Twin Flame Symbol has integrated with the Sacred Masculine and Feminine Twin Flame energy the template can be integrated.

Plus Divine Love Template of Christ now exists because of you!

Activation of the Twin Flame energy works on 2 levels;
  1. Allows the Crown to open to more life force clearing away worries, fears and feelings of "I'm not good enough".
  2. Opens up the heart by releasing any old pain taking love to new heights made manifest.

 Twin Flame Reiki  calls in source and Gaia to mingle in the heart softening the heart to accept the Divine Love Template and then integrates and activates it at your will in the time and space that is safe for you. In this space we activate Twin Flame Reiki to connect telepathically within 3 days and physically within 90 days.

Twin Flames are unique in that whatever they do each feels it on a Soul Level on the 5th Dimension..

What does it involve?

You will receive the Twin Flame Symbol and Empowerment, opening you up to connect with your Twin through the Heart Chakra and forming the infinity symbol in energetic form in the heart! Plus Bonus: Dine Love Template Dispensation!

Twin Flame Reiki is highly recommended for Reiki Masters as you will connect on a Spiritual Soul level with your Twin!

Chakra Clearing - Aura Cleansing - Energy Re-Charge - Emotional Release - Reiki Power Boost - Twin Flame Symbol - Twin Flame Reiki Empowerment, Activation of and alignment with your Twin Flame Energy.


Twin Flame Divine Love Template when received and integrated by Twin Flames brings the highest vibration of unconditional love not only healing you but healing planet earth and all her inhabitants in a powerful and magical way.

You will start to attract the your twin flame into your life and activate Divine Love.

Why not add in Twin Flame Healing for the full program. This integrates and anchors your new vibration into the planetary grid of the Earth! Bella Katrina connects with you  bringing in healing, protection & guidance whilst re-charging your energetic field with Life Force. When life force is present any old pain can be released allowing more divine light to enter your heart chakra opening to love for the greatest good of all.


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