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Soul Love Reiki - Attunement & Workshop 

"I now activate my Soul Star Chakra to release the love of my soul deep into my being."

Start to shine with this Soul Star Reiki Attunement and activate your light to shne brighter than ever before!


Tibetan Usui Natural Healing Method!

Reiki is a Japanese system of hands on healing as well as a spiritual method for personal growth and transformation. The way Reiki is passed from one person to the next is in the form of a lineage tradition. What this means is that the student requires the necessary empowerments from a qualified teacher in the form of Reiki Attunements. Attunement into Reiki, guarantee's the student's ability to achieve a healing outcome and as a result the ability to heal themselves and others is bestowed.

1 x  60 Minute Empowerment Skype

1 x 30 Minute Diamond Light Code Activation

1 x 15 Minute Sou Healing 

Works on restoring health to the physical body.

Key Components;
  1. Establishing boundaries
  2. Stopping you feeling drained
  3. Stopping other people from dumping on you
  4. Improving your physical health
  5. Increasing energy so you feel better in the morning
  6. Normalising your appetite
  7. Helping you have a restful night sleep
  8. Wake up feeling energised
  9. Dissolve energy blocks that lead to dis-ease
  10. Opening your Clairvoyance & Intuition

What does it involve?

Reiki is taught as an oral tradition, the basis of which is the transmission of energy from teacher to student known as initiation. The emphasis when learning Reiki is placed on experiencing the energy for oneself. Once the person realizes the presence of a universal energy field and their own ability to channel this energy for healing, it is not just a belief instilled in them, it is an experience anchored in them, and a deep knowing that stays for life.

After you have received the Reiki Self Love Attunement your "Soul Star Chakra" starts to open allowing more love to enter your soul bathing you in new fequencies of Soul Love. This will open the portal for you to receive your Divine Blue Print regarding your Souls Missio n and Health! Soul Love Reiki is brings you back to a sense of wholeness in body mind & spirit . Self rspect starts to look really good on you as you allow more self love in.


SOUL LOVE REIKI ATTUNEMENT ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL STAR CHAKRA - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

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