Your Key To Self Empowerment

Psychic Readings!

Bella is a gifted Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium and Reiki Master, with a natural ability to connect with her clients spiritually to give accurate readings.

Key reasons why clients choose Bella;
    1. To gain unique insights, clarity and personal knowledge.
    2. Spiritual healing and growth with the Angels!
    3. Past Life Therapy – (as part of a Reiki program) to discover past lifetimes that may be impacting on this life and clear any issues that may need to be addressed
    4. Contacting family and friends who have passed over with Jesus to heal grief!
    5. To feel more grounded, protected and present and heal.
    6. Answer any questions relating to relationships, environments or situations they may find themselves.
Bella Katrina's Specialist Skills:
    1. Clairaudience, which means clear hearing, is the ability to perceive sounds or words from outside sources in the spirit world.
    2. Clairvoyance, the ability to see persons and events that are distant in time or space. The ability to perceive or predict future events, The ability to see past events, and the perception of contemporary events happening outside of the range of normal perception.
    3. Absentee/Distance Healing, sending healing to you in your own home/ office or workplace anywhere in the world, to your past & future.
    4. Mediumship, The ability to connect to loved one's who have passed.
    5. Tarot, deciphering exact details regarding a situation or person.