Your Key To Self Empowerment

Reiki Fast Track to Self Empowerment 4 steps to POWER!!

In just 10 weeks!

This program empowers you to move forward in your love life and career. Watch your health & vitality improve as you become self-empowered in just 10 weeks.

 This Self healing & Empowerment Program assists in:

  •     Establishing boundaries
  •     Stopping you feeling drained
  •     Stopping other people from dumping on you
  •     Improving your Physical Health
  •     Increasing your energy so you feel better in the morning
  •     Normalising your appetite
  •     Helping you have a restful night sleep
  •     Waking up feeling energised



Hi I am Bella Katrina and this program is the best 10 sessions that have made the most difference with myself and my clients over the past 10 years. You know when you are in recovery from this addictive cycle as you no longer get triggered or attached to people in an unhealthy way. I never thought I would be able to break it as it was in my DNA and also programming as a child suffering Narcissistic abuse. By unraveling my inner being with the safety of the Reiki Attunements I was able to self heal and now offer this in my 10 week Fast Track Program.
I really knew the power of my Reiki Attunements when my own inner balance restored and for the first time in my life I was in the present moment.
This allowed me to do my psychic work as all my senses where now clear and open and connected. Reiki is Universal Life Force and the Attunements activate your hands for self healing and healing of others then begins.
My Reiki journey has been only positive and I know it will be for you to.
Love Bella Katrina

  •     Dissolving Energy Blocks that create illness
  •     Opening your Clairvoyance
  •     Calming Fears
  •     Subduing negative emotions
  •     Releasing Spirit attachments
  •     Sealing your Aura from encroachment
  •     Allowing direct communication with your higher consciousness.

Bella Katrina is a gifted healer and has completed over 600 hours of Reiki Treatments. To experience the benefits of this powerful healer book a one off session if you have never tried Reiki before so you may experience the feeling of well being you cannot receive from anything else. When life force is present any dis-ease can be released.

Feel the benefits of reiki with Bella in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.

Key reasons why clients choose Bella;
  1. Relief from stress
  2. Relaxation of painful emotions
  3. Better health & energy
  4. Moving forward in love life & career
  5. Expand Spiritual Connection
  6. Sleep better waking refreshed
  7. Find life purpose or soulmate
 "For things to change you have to change, for things to get better you have to get better." - Jim Rohn

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What would you like to happen as a result of your completion of Bella Katrina's Self Empowerment Fast Track 10 week Program?

What is your intention for your life? 

Hear from Jen North Carolina

overnight instant changes

I can hardly recall how worried and stressed out i was before I signed up for Reiki I. It has changed my outlook, changed my mood and overall energy! I feel so good and so much more confident in myself. Thank you Bella for teaching me how to heal and ground myself! Looking forward to learning more Reiki


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Reiki 1 Magic Healing Package!

Caroline on Jul 27, 2017

I wanted to learn Reiki to heal my life & assist my beautiful dog 'Wilbur' resolve some ongoing health issues. Reiki 1 was a gentle yet powerful introduction to this healing system. I thoroughly enjoyed the attunement workshop with Bella. I'm excited to develop these gifts further with Reiki II & now aspire to healing others!! Sending much love & gratitude to my extraordinary (& patient) Teacher Bella Katrina. Thank you for sharing your wisdom & knowledge :purple_heart: Caroline

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As soon as you book the angels and Masters start preparing your energy and in fact work with you day and night for the entire 4 weeks! hear from Caroline in USA

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Hear from Ayana in Texas!

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Reiki Changed My Life

Ayana w on Sep 12, 2018

This is the best healing practice of all time I feel healthier and divinely guided. My life changed since receiving my reiki I & II attunment from Bella Katrina. Not only do I feel a sense of peace, and grounding, I feel renewed! Thank God! Book your Reiki Level II here 3 weeks after your level I Attunement! Just add your details in the calendar below!


 Step 4.


Hear from Carolina from Arkansas!

Soul Session Six Pack

Carolyn Hilliard on Feb 23, 2018

I started my journey with Bella because I was on a search to find a way to get myself back. Having a bad relationship’s door slammed in my face is actually what cracked open my mind to the existence of Karma, as in “Past Life’s Baggage Karma”. The steps that Bella took me through in my Soul Session Six Pack, have empowered me in the following ways. I feel worthy to talk to God. Releasing past, and past life Karma is helping me establish personal boundaries. The key to taking the driver’s seat in my life. As I enforce boundaries, the onslaught of every day negativity is beginning to stop. With a more positive presence, I began to see that I am unique and powerful. I have my own set of gifts, tools and divine helpers. Bella’s guidance and insights have given me glimpses of who I can become. Thank You Now and Forever Bella, Carolyn Book your Soul Session 6 Pack here: