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Reiki Level III Attunement!
  • Reiki Level III Attunement!
  • Reiki Level III Attunement!
  • Reiki Level III Attunement!

Reiki Level III Master Attunement & Workshop

 Tibetan Usui Natural Healing Method!

Reiki Level III-  includes an empowerment & Workshops on Demand

Key Components of the Master Empowerment into Tibetan Usui Natural Method of Natural Healing!
    1. The Reiki Masters are invited into your Spiritual Team
    2. The ability to heal others is bestowed
    3. The empowerments to become a Natural Healer are received
    4. Become a Reiki Practitioner
    5. Become a Reiki Teacher


    What does it involve?

    We start by looking at your energetic bodies for physical health and then move easily through your emotional & mental bodies releasing, healing & manifesting whilst connecting Spiritually to your truth.

    Package Includes;

    Chakra Clearing - Aura Cleansing - Energy Re-Charge - Emotional Release - Reiki Power Boost - Personalised Reiki Empowerment



    I can only speak for myself, but I was lead to Reiki with Bella by The Holy Spirit that lives in me! Since beginning Reiki, the depression no longer controls my life, my faith, my personal relationship with Jesus Christ is stronger than it’s ever been and for the first time in my life I have clear boundaries that doesn’t allow others to use me and drain my energy. It’s taught me forgiveness and opening my heart to views other than my own. I feel as if I’ve been put on a path to be the very best human I can be for myself and others.....This kind of transformation only comes from God above and I’m so thankful for Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and never giving up on us! I’m also thankful for being lead to Reiki w/Bella because it’s truly had a positive impact on my life as well as family members. Love & Light ONLY comes from God above💞 I could go on and on about the positive effects I had with Reiki, but I encourage you to take it to Jesus and be open & receptive to his loving answers! Best of luck on your journey!




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