Your Key To Self Empowerment


Your gift a Full Power Shabam with Bella Katrina.


This includes a Soul Clearing, Energy & Chakra Balance, Reiki Re-charge healing session and we delve into any questions you may have regarding your home, family, health and any other matter you are concerned about. 
Find out from the Archangels what is coming in for you in 2024 and receive the best advice on how to position yourself for streams of abundance to flow in your life.

Get a feeling of peace come over you and a sense of knowing your next right action moving forward fearlessly into your future.

In this session with Bella you will clear any and all past residue of any karmic substance allowing you to be energetically free of the past and able to create in the now moment.

You will be able to access a new reality that was unavailble to you previously due to lack of space in your energy.

The goal is for your passion to reignite in your love life & career so you feel more centred, grounded and able to focus on the here and now.

Be in the here and Now - Belong, Beblessed, Beloved!

This is the point of your instant manifesation and the moment you realize how poweerful you really are,

Please check availability below and once you have selected your time and booked in your own time zone, all details of how to proceed are sent to you instantly upon receipt of your booking from Clinicko so please check your spam folder.

To see rapid ransformation in just one session is my intention for you.

Until we meet.

Stay safe!

Love Bella Katrina




THE PERFECT GIFT SHABAM - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.