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Kundalini Reiki Program  -  Attunement & Therapy!
  • Kundalini Reiki Program  -  Attunement & Therapy!
  • Kundalini Reiki Program  -  Attunement & Therapy!

Kundalini Reiki Attunement + Kundalini Reiki Therapy!

Kundalini Reiki Therapy - Sensual Healing Package - Magic Happens in 4 sessions!

Plus free workshop on-line on demand!

Kundalini Reiki is the equivalent of Kundalini Yoga. The latter uses the same energy vibrations, however, with the Kundalini Reiki you ‘channel’ energy as opposed to using or cultivating your own energy. What this means, is that rather than spending many years practising the yoga techniques in the hope of raising the flame, you can achieve the same result for healing purposes simply by receiving Kundalini Reiki By Bella attunement & t therapy. Remember, of course, that the energy is a gift from the Divine and it is not actually ‘you’ that is doing this.

This Kundalini Program is very powerful and your energy pathways must be clear.

In order for this to be safe you must have completed Bella Katrna's Self Empowerment Fats Track Program. Your Soul Session Six Pack or Reiki II Therapy must be complete and comes in the Light Workers Power Pack.

1 x 2 Hr Session Empowerment
1 x 1 Hr  Workshop Self Paced on line
4 x 1 Hr Kundalini Reiki Therapy Sessions


Once the Kundalini Fire Ignites, both Twin Flame activate ancient sacred energy of the Divine. As this energy is very powerful a 6 week support program has been introduced to not only keep active but to integrate and anchior this new vibration of light, available at the highest level within a Twin Flame Union.

Where Soul Mate Reiki is love Kundalini Reik is Trust!

You will start to attract the your twin flame into your life.

Activation works on 2 levels;
  1. Kundalini Reiki is similar to Usui Reiki, but it is a specific strand of energy, channeled by connecting to earth’s energy
  2. Kundalini Fire, it is a very grounding and intense form of healing. It uses include working to bring resolution to such things as situation and relationship issues, past life and birth trauma. Because it is such a potent energy, it should be used with care. Too much too soon can be overwhelming and may create a healing crisis.



What does it involve?

You will receive the Kundalini Symbol and Empowerment, opening you up to activate your Kundalini up your Shushumna Pathway for heightened sensual magic.

Kundalini Reiki is highly recommended for Reiki Masters as you will connect on a Spiritual Soul Mate level! 

Chakra Clearing - Aura Cleansing - Energy Re-Charge - Emotional Release - Reiki Power Boost - Soul Mate Symbol - Soul Mate Reiki Empowerment, Activation of and alignment with your Twin Flame Energy.

Bella Katrina connects with you once a week for an hour bringing in healing, protection & guidance whilst re-charging your energetic field with Life Force. When life force is present any old pain can be released allowing more divine light o enter your heart chakra attracting in "the one".

In these sessions you will identify;
  •     your needs within a Soul Mate Romantic relationship
  •     what personality traits you are looking for in a partner
  •     what you have to offer the relationship
  •     the time you have for the relationship
  •     the energy exchange you would like to share
  •     your deal breakers, boundaries & resistances
  •     your intentions for your future

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What is your Intention for your Sensual Magic Healing Package?   
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